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CORONAVIRUS POLICY: We do NOT require masks or vaccinations. HOWEVER, if you have Covid 19 symptoms, please do not attempt to play golf or enter our pro-shop until you are completely well and are no longer contagious. We do not allow separate carts due to Covid.* 


1.) Collared shirts are required when playing. 

2.) Let faster players through. No groups of five or more are allowed unless approved by the pro-shop. 

3.) No carts within 50 yards of the greens or tee boxes. NO exceptions!

4.) Rake misplaced sand after bunker shots. (Please place rake back in bunker, not on grass.)

5.) Repair all ball marks and divots. 

6.) Ninety degree rule is in effect unless specified by the pro-shop. 

7.) Any damage to carts or course is the sole responsibility of the driver or player. 

8.) Pay close attention to course signs and obey any and all instructions. 

9.) No fishing unless you are a member. 

10.) No "skipping around" - always start on hole #1 (unless approved by pro-shop). 

11.) Do not play extra holes without paying and checking with pro-shop first. 

12.) Carts MUST be in by the time listed in the pro-shop. 

13.) TWO riders per cart, unless in a 3some or 5some.

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